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My pledge to cyclists on ’10 by 2020′

By on 4th August 2015

I’m pleased to backĀ most of the ‘10 by 2020‘ Mayoral Safer Cycling Challenge, published yesterday by Stop Killing Cyclists.

Two false hopes that won’t solve London’s housing crisis

By on 28th November 2012

Darren Johnson has issued a report arguing that building new homes can’t solve London’s housing crisis alone. He suggests the Mayor should consider other solutions including smart regulations for the private rented sector, taxing land values and setting up land

Sitting around the data campfire

By on 27th January 2012

Similar to Gail Ramster, I went along to the Friday afternoon part of UK GovCamp 2012 without really knowing why. I suspect most people would say the same thing. You go because… well, you never know which useful people you

Open scrutiny in the age of open data

By on 22nd May 2011

This is the first of perhaps two or three short essays inspired by Emer Coleman‘s masters dissertation on open data, written in a personal capacity and not as part of my job. In this post I want to look at

Selecting a good politician

By on 26th February 2011

It’s selection time for the Green Party. In London we are voting not only on our list for the House of Lords (in case we get offered another seat there), but also for the London Assembly and Mayor. Since I

The cut and thrust: how Green Party policy really works

By on 20th January 2011

At recent party conferences and meetings of the London Federation of Green Parties, it has struck me that many members lack any experience or understanding of how our elected politicians work with party policy. I was in the same boat

Matchmaking open data geeks and local mappers

By on 30th November 2010

Two parallel worlds are starting to rub up against each other – open data enthusiasts and local activist groups. As Sam Smith has pointed out, embedding the power of open data in other worlds such as local activism has barely

Low carbon power in Open Street Map

By on 28th August 2010

My latest experimentation in environmental maps has been launched on the Peckham Power web site. It grabs the set of energy generators in London (updated every hour from OpenStreetMap) and plots low/zero carbon generators on the map with icons and

Turning green shoots into political roots

By on 1st August 2010

Rupert Read has posted some useful thoughts on how the Green Party in England & Wales can build on the historic election of our first MP, and on the rapid growth in membership in recent years. There’s much to agree

Map geeks in the bowels of City Hall

By on 27th June 2010

Following past discussions with staff at Southwark Council and the Greater London Authority, I helped organise a technicalĀ  workshop in City Hall this weekend. We brought some key OpenStreetMap geeks together with some keen potential early adopters from the GLA,