1. lili said:

    i recently started a conversation with southwark council about the ‘local transparency’ documents they have been publishing since august 2010 (with the council spendings of over £500) and argued that in their present forms, the lists of all the payments are quite meaningless and that some detail would help although of course this would not necessarily mean clarity. the response i finally got was that there are no government guidelines on how the information needs to be presented. meh

    24th May 2011
    • Tom Chance said:

      Southwark are two or three steps behind the ideas I’ve expressed in my main post! Not even managing to put basic information on their web site to assist public scrutiny is pretty crap.

      I’ve met a few officers in the council who are more community-minded, but when they move on you’re left with the corporate culture that is completely useless for us.

      25th May 2011

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