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Are the new new Right in this together?

By on 19th June 2010

February feels a distant memory. Back then, the Conservative Party released a report called Labour’s Two Nations, attacking Labour’s 13 year record on inequality. Britain had become (they suggested) a society of low taxation on the rich and high marginal

Minimum wage rise is still to low for London

By on 1st October 2009

The Government raised the national minimum wage today to £5.80 per hour, a welcome 7p extra for Britain’s working poor. But here in London, and in many other expensive parts of the country, it’s still far too low. The London

I support the London Living Wage

By on 30th November 2008

Joseph and I went along to the South London Citizens assembly on Thursday, where the recent Green successes in Lewisham and Southwark got a big cheer. It’s great that Jenny got the motion through council, but now we need to

Southwark Greens launch campaign to end poverty wages

By on 15th October 2008

No household with a parent at work should be living in poverty, but an IPPR study shows that six in ten households in the UK suffer that fate. As families struggle with high energy and food prices, and with a