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OpenEcoMaps is back!

By on 12th January 2013

OpenEcoMaps, eco-living maps using OpenStreetMap data, is now working again. Hooray! I decided to sit down and work out why the OpenLayers interface wasn’t working and it turned out to be quite simple to fix. You can now browse around

OpenEcoMaps halfway back

By on 6th January 2013

For almost a year now, my pet project OpenEcoMaps has been broken. The vagaries of unreliable XAPI servers meant the system couldn’t download OpenStreetMap data to create all the KML files, and (I think) some changes to OpenLayers meant the

Maps, open data and activism on the Heygate estate

By on 19th April 2011

Andy Allan’s excellent post on cycle campaigning reminded me to blog about some mapping help I’ve given a campaign group called the Elephant Amenity Network. One of their long-running issues has been the clearance and demolition of the unfairly maligned

Announcing OpenEcoMaps to geeks

By on 11th April 2011

I’m happy to announce that OpenEcoMaps is now stable and ready for use, albeit with a few wrinkles that I hope some more able hackers can help me iron out.¬†OpenEcoMaps takes data about “eco” (green / sustainable) features stored in

Growing pains & getting data out of OpenStreetMap

By on 9th March 2011

One of the killer features of OpenStreetMap, which makes it completely different to Google Maps and the rest, is that we provide totally free geodata. In fact it’s really the primary purpose of OpenStreetMap – the various maps shown on