My pledge to cyclists on ’10 by 2020′

By on 4th August 2015

I’m pleased to back most of the ‘10 by 2020‘ Mayoral Safer Cycling Challenge, published yesterday by Stop Killing Cyclists. Read more…


Why push policies in a selection process?

By on 3rd June 2015

The Green Party’s manifesto and key issues for next year’s elections aren’t in the gift of Mayoral candidates, so why develop and push ideas in the selection process?


Announcing my candidacy for London

By on 27th May 2015

I’m putting myself forward to be the Green Party’s candidate for the Mayor of London in 2016, and to be a candidate for the London Assembly list. I’m standing because… Greens can give London hope – that we can reclaim our

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Reflections on the General Election

By on 21st May 2015

Last night I spoke to the London Young Greens about my experience coming third in Lewisham West & Penge, and what I learned as joint co-ordinator of the London Green Party during our biggest ever campaign.


Open air hustings in Penge

By on 24th April 2015

I’m going to get out on the stump on Penge High Street, and I’m inviting other candidates to join me, after all but one of the open hustings for Lewisham West & Penge have been cancelled.


Making copyright work for creatives

By on 24th April 2015

Years ago I held the obscure title of Spokesperson on Intellectual Property for the Green Party. With the fuss yesterday about our policy on copyright, and the strong likelihood of some attempt to change that policy at our autumn conference,


Walking and cycling should be safe and pleasant for everybody

By on 8th April 2015

Would you like to cycle through Forest Hill, pictured above? What about crossing the road, waiting in the cattle pens breathing in illegal levels of air pollution, or trying to cross where there aren’t any lights? We need safer, nicer streets


Regenerating the Central Hill Estate

By on 31st March 2015

Lambeth Council are planning to regenerate the Central Hill Estate in Gipsy Hill. Though it’s outside the area I’m standing for, I’ve got involved to help the residents out.


We should take pride in paying our taxes

By on 17th March 2015

Every time I hear someone say “nobody likes paying taxes”, I want to shout: I do! My taxes pay for a civilised society, for schools and roads we all need, and for support to those who face hard times. Tax


For a publicly owned and accountable NHS

By on 12th March 2015

I am backing the NHS Reinstatement Bill, which would roll back NHS privatisation, because I believe in a publicly owned, publicly run and publicly accountable NHS.