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My politics of ecology and justice

By on 11th May 2013

Following my previous blog post about the Young Greens and lots of discussion with friends and fellow party members, I want to set out clearly why ecology defines my philosophical basis rather than social and environmental justice. To avoid misunderstandings

Theatre Peckham take two

By on 29th April 2012

Six months after the Royal Court brought two quite brilliant new plays to the Bussey Building in Peckham, V-Day London put on an equally exemplary performance of the Vagina Monologues and an accompanying play written in 2009 by the same

Trip Stylist review: stroll around the City

By on 14th February 2012

A mere eighteen months after it had been given to us, Rachel and I went on our Trip Stylist day out around the City of London, “exploring hidden corners and treasures“. We started out with brunch in a very nice

Theatre takes root in Peckham

By on 9th October 2011

It was probably the Peckham Pavilion at the Venice Biennale that cemented Peckham’s place in London’s art scene. Since then there has been a steady flow of¬†journalists, hipsters and artists dropping in to study contemporary sculpture and relax in a

Matchmaking open data geeks and local mappers

By on 30th November 2010

Two parallel worlds are starting to rub up against each other – open data enthusiasts and local activist groups. As Sam Smith has pointed out, embedding the power of open data in other worlds such as local activism has barely

Last of the year’s “garden” work

By on 19th September 2010

After packed weekends at weddings and the Green Party conference, and with my fiancee away for a week, I’ve spent a very nice weekend doing those things I always mean to do. Top of my list was to build a

Five years of mapping (and why I started)

By on 9th July 2010

According to my profile, today marks my fifth anniversary of OpenStreetMapping. When my friend Robert introduced me to this useless web site I wasn’t too excited. It only really showed about half of the British motorway network if you waited

Why so concerned about tax?

By on 27th May 2010

The chart below shows a breakdown of where my monthly gross income goes. I’m earning in the region of ¬£30k/year, above the London average but not exactly an enormous sum. One of my favourite adages is that British people want

Growing the Cossall Estate

By on 29th March 2010

After a week speaking at a digital rights demonstration, a free map meeting, a 600-strong Critical Mass and lots of electioneering capping off days at the office it was quite a relief to complete the weekend with a spade, wheelbarrow

Tracing OS maps in Scotland

By on 10th October 2009

Way back in July – goodness, that seems a long time ago! – I went on holiday near Kircudbright in Dumries and Galloway, which is in south west Scotland (I had no idea either). The landscape is actually quite beautiful.