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Making copyright work for creatives

By on 24th April 2015

Years ago I held the obscure title of Spokesperson on Intellectual Property for the Green Party. With the fuss yesterday about our policy on copyright, and the strong likelihood of some attempt to change that policy at our autumn conference,

Sitting around the data campfire

By on 27th January 2012

Similar to Gail Ramster, I went along to the Friday afternoon part of UK GovCamp 2012 without really knowing why. I suspect most people would say the same thing. You go because… well, you never know which useful people you

Boris the culture commie?

By on 22nd February 2010

Are free photos evil? I’m going to stick my neck out and defend the Greater London Authority for setting up a Flickr group where Londoners can submit photos to be used on the GLA web site. A few photographers are

Dear Lily, culture is about more than cash

By on 31st October 2009

This video is just brilliant, it’s great to see ORG’s campaign against Labour’s absurd “three strikes” proposal picking up steam. [youtube=] When I was more involved with the free culture movement I wrote my Masters thesis on a Lockean argument

European Parliament elections, the Green Party and free stuff

By on 2nd June 2009

Gavin Baker, a really fantastic free data activist from the US, nudged me recently about his post on the position of different European parties on open access to research. Scott Redding, one of our Green Party candidates in the elections