1. Vincent said:

    Even as a cyclist, tagging speed limits is useful. Cue http://www.cyclestreets.net/ which, I would guess, takes speed limits into account when distinguishing quiet/normal/busy itineraries for bikes.

    20th July 2011
    • Tom Chance said:

      Yes, I checked with the CycleStreets people, Martin told me the same thing. Having the ITO map to highlight the data gaps and uses of the data such as CycleStreets will hopefully encourage wider tagging.

      Good work in Kent, by the way!

      22nd July 2011
  2. Paul Johnson said:

    Speed limits are also handy for avoiding cycleways with rediculously low speed limits (there’s a couple in Victoria that combined with the angle of the hill are just impossible without dismounting, something that’s not obvious until you’re right up on it and won’t realize until it’s too late while clipped in to the pedals).

    I wish JOSM highlighted MPH speed limits on 5 MPH increments instead of only the 10s. This is annoying because in Oregon, the default speed limits are 15, 20, 25, 30, 45, 55, 60 and 65.

    23rd July 2011
  3. sam said:

    I love you Tom!!

    4th August 2011

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