1. Andy Gates said:

    That’s really nice-looking. Any chance that it could be scaled up to the whole UK? I can see (yet another) neat school field trip in finding all the generators locally…

    28th August 2010
    • Tom Chance said:

      No reason why not, I’ll give it a go when I redo the tagging code in a couple of weeks after the proposal (hopefully) goes through.

      My only worry would be performance once it scales up. The OpenLayers code I used isn’t very good with large data sets.

      I know there is next to no data across the whole of the UK, but in the future somebody with better Javascript coding skills than I will need to work up some code to display them.

      28th August 2010
  2. Riccardo said:

    To have more updated data you could use the XAPI interface to the osm db, like happens for bus stops in Novam:

    pro: you don’t have to maintain/update your own data copy, data is updated in real time, you could provide a world-wide map
    cons: XAPI availability, you need to code something (but I think you could check for novam sources)

    I think you could also add extra layers to the XAPI one, so you could, for example, also provide some other kind of data without messing with the osm db.

    28th August 2010
    • Tom Chance said:

      Some generic OpenLayers code to provide points for any kind of query would be great. I did talk to the author of NOVAM about this earlier in the year, but he was too busy.

      One for the future, if anyone fancies giving it a shot.

      28th August 2010

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