1. Adam Ramsay said:

    Hi Tom,

    I think this is spot on. The Scottish Green MSPs have a Parliamentary Reference Group, which is basically an email list (we meet occasionally) of people who either represent groups in the party, or have specific expertise. The group has no formal authority or right to decide anything, but can give a bit of a steer, or advise on specific things.

    I don’t know if that’s a good idea, for Caroline, but would maybe be worth considering?


    1st August 2010
  2. Again with the environment/social justice dichotomy. Please, this is a misunderstanding propagated by mainstream journalism. Ours is a party founded on political ecology. Ecology is the study of the relationship between an organism and its environment. Physically, that means we start our economics with ecology – distinct from the anthropocentric alternatives. Socially, it means that we set individuals in their social context. Our environmentalism and our quest for social justice arise from the same root – ecology. LibDems and others try to bolt their environmentalism onto their LibDemmery, etc, which is why their environmentalism is so unstable and weak.

    1st August 2010
    • Tom Chance said:

      Richard, you and are are starting from the same place. Unfortunately very few others are.

      In this post I considered engagement with big media and general audiences who won’t have time to consider a full explanation of a political philosophy rooted in ecology. If they see a Green Party MP mainly talking about nuclear power and insulation they will continue to perpetuate their misleading equation of “Green Party” and “political environmentalism”.

      That’s something we have to deal with, it can’t be wished away with blog posts espousing our viewpoint.

      1st August 2010
  3. Nick said:

    The problem is that its all pie in the sky. The government has debts of 5-6 trillion pounds when you include pensions. All rising with inflation.

    The government raises 500 billion a year from taxes. Don’t forget people are in particular companies are mobile.

    So 12 times mortgaged, and with high requirements to spend on health and education, roads etc. It’s not going to work.

    So a question for you. Why nothing in you post on the costs and how to pay for your wishes?

    11th August 2010
    • Tom Chance said:

      Nick, I’m afraid you’re the one who is “pie in the sky”, or at least failing to grasp the basics of economics.

      All money is debt anyway, has been for a long old time. What’s important for a household or company is how you manage your debt and use it prudently to improve your prospects. For governments it’s even less of an immediate worry, something I’ve written about before and that was covered in rather a good Q&A by Red Pepper.

      The other side of the coin is that we are currently experiencing historically low levels of taxation, much lower even than when Thatcher was in power. The Green Party disagrees with the Chancellor, who thinks we are “overtaxed”.

      If you’d like to know how we’d pay for our wishes read our 2010 manifesto, it contains all the relevant calculations.

      11th August 2010

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