1. Is it ok if we do a factual argument in a non-condescending manner? Here’s mine:
    1 CO2 is a greenhouse gas. Physical fact.
    2 CO2 has been increasing since the Industrial Revolution. Observation.
    2 Modern temperatures are at unprecedented levels. Observation and inference from past proxies.
    3 We can only account for present levels by factoring in GHGs. If we use only natural factors (solar variation, volcanoes, PDO &c) there is a gap between observed temperatures and the modelled natural factors. If we put the amn-made component back in, the lines tally.

    See with pictures: http://bit.ly/byjFnZ

    13th March 2010
    • Tom Chance said:

      It’s definitely OK! The questions is whether anyone will listen and be convinced.

      14th March 2010

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