1. MJ Ray said:

    I have a GPS that I think exports as GPX and XML. I don’t have Adobe Flash or Sun Java. How do I send my GPS data to OpenStreetMap? I’ve tried a few pieces of software that haven’t worked and I’ve not got copious free time these days… merkaartor is next on my list of things to try: will that work?

    26th February 2010
    • Tom Chance said:

      If you just want to send your raw GPS data, you can just upload it to the web site using the normal HTML forms.

      As for actually tracing on your GPS data to add stuff to the OSM database, so far as I know Potlatch (the flash-based editor) works with some of the free flash implementations, unless it has regressed, and Merkaator works well.

      26th February 2010

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