1. Mum said:

    what was the bingo game Tom?

    14th September 2009
  2. Tom Chance said:

    You have a table with words and phrases you always hear at conference, like “the man with the beard”, “I want to refer this motion back” and “is this [microphone] on?”. Every time you hear a phrase you cross it off, like bingo, and when you’re done you have to leap up mid-discussion and shout “Greenhouse!”

    Silly but fun :-)

    14th September 2009
  3. […] Green conference fun & games in Hove « tom's blog tom.acrewoods.net/2009/09/05/gp-autumn-conf – view page – cached 10:10 Brighton09 Climate change Conference Elections Food Free culture Free data Free software GPEX gpex09 Green New Deal Green Party Green politics Growing Southwark Hove Labour Liberal Democrats Living wage Open access Open standards OpenStreetMap Peckham People & Planet Personal RBS Science Software patents Southwark Sustainability Sustainable Communities Act * My recent tweets + Spread around, get Brown to the Copenhagen UN climate talks in December http://www.pm2un.co.uk #pm2un 4 hours ago + New blog post – what to say about climate change in 25 mins to school students: http://bit.ly/18f2ti #1010 #greenparty 18 hours ago + Moving Acrewoods.net to Google Apps and WordPress.com, very boring work copying over old blog posts and doing mail filters! 23 hours ago * Flickr Photos — From the page […]

    16th September 2009
  4. This is for my 18th birthday in early september, but about half of my friends are 17 and clubs won’t let us all in. My Parents will be there and don’t want to spend more than $1000 (food, Dj, Drinks). Any good places in in my area (williamstown)?.

    24th August 2011

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