1. Sue said:

    Maybe it would be worth comparing notes on what happened it Lewisham and Southwark so both boroughs can improve things next time? I thought the citizens’ panel itself was reasonably well-organised in Lewisham (though the people on the panel rejected my proposal!), but that much more could have been done in the months before to let local people know about the act and how to suggest proposals. Lewisham also rejected a lot of proposals that didn’t meet the criteria, but the positive thing about this was because in most cases it was because the Council already had the power to implement the proposals. So now campaigners can start asking questions about why the Council isn’t using some of its powers etc.

    15th September 2009
    • Tom Chance said:

      I’m going to be doing exactly that over the next month. I’m looking for particularly good case studies so that we can both demonstrate our process is reasonable and put Southwark council officers in touch with those councils that did it well.

      Thanks for the thoughts from Lewisham, it certainly sounds a lot more positive!

      15th September 2009
  2. Ari said:

    The Secertary of State has the power to send the council’s proposals back and have them start the procedure again – the problem with this is how does the community get the Secretary to do this?
    There’ll be a survey on People’s Republic of Southwark hopefully later today, suggestions for questions to Liliana

    15th September 2009
  3. Eileen said:

    The next meeting of the active citizens’ review of the SCA is on Monday 14th September 6.30pm-8.30pm at Keyworth Centre, LSBU, Elephant & Castle. Please email SCA@nutbrook.demon.co.uk to ask for venue details and to say you are coming!

    15th September 2009
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    5th February 2010

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