Open air hustings in Penge

I’m going to get out on the stump on Penge High Street, and I’m inviting other candidates to join me, after all but one of the open hustings for Lewisham West & Penge have been cancelled.

The Forest Hill Society, the Sydenham Society and the Penge Forum have all tried to organise hustings, but for one reason or another have cancelled them.

We had a lovely hustings organised by the Palace and Penge Womens’ Institute on the 14th, and 38 Degrees managed to organise a lively hustings in a pub in Forest Hill with all candidates except Jim Down, Labour (who refused to share a platform with the racist Liberty GB candidate). You can listen to full records of that hustings by following this link.

I think it’s terrible for local democracy if you don’t have a chance to hear from and quiz your candidates in an open meeting.

So I’m going to turn up on Penge High Street at 11am on  the Saturdays 24th April and 2nd May, and I have invited the other candidates for Lewisham West and Penge to join me.

We’ll be opposite the post office and the awning, here:


If you have a loudspeaker, soap box or a burning question, come along!


  1. Martin Powell-Davies said:

    Hi Tom. I can’t be there tomorrow because my commitment is to the Stop Academies in Lewisham march – a key issue for the constituency being the future of our schools. I can certainly be there next week. However, can we also perhaps use our rights to access to meeting rooms as a way to put together a hustings in place of those cancelled too?

    Martin Powell-Davies TUSC

    24th April 2015
  2. John Greatrex said:

    Can I please have you and/or the Westminster Green Candidate at the Great Exhibition Crystal Palace site at 12noon Friday May 1st when I will be launching THE GREEN HOUSE FOR THE GREEN AGE – PAXTON CRYSTAL PALACE RECONSTRUCTION PROJECT.

    rsvp asap

    John Greatrex
    MD Great Exhibition Ltd
    (exhibits great exhibits)

    07528 68588

    25th April 2015

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