1. Tim Lund said:

    I realise this is quick and dirty, but I don’t think densification happens by bringing all areas up to a similar density. Is it possible to estimate average PTALs by ward, and so get a number for how many new homes are possible within existing London Plan limits? I’d also be interested in analysis how quickly areas have densified, and identifying the factors which permit or hinder densification.

    17th January 2014
    • Tom Chance said:

      Yes, that PTAL calculation should be possible. I’ll try to get around to doing it…

      17th January 2014
  2. If we seriously had strategic planning then exercises like yours would be in the official public domain as part of exploring the options the city faces. This is a great start & Tim Lund’s is a helpful comment. Here are some more:
    (i) A lot of your reddest areas – where you get the most densification – look to me like conservation areas – in westminster, chelsea, fulham etc. I suspect this is one of the great constraints in UK, and thus a huge generator of rents/asset value growth. Challenge at our peril!
    (ii) A major concern of mine for the debate this year on the London Plan Alterations #REMA14 is that the excess will be squeezed into town centres and the environs of town centres. Good from a public transport point of view but we stand to loose even more suburban jobs and services. (I wrote a bit about this http://michaeledwards.org.uk ) It will be legitimised by ref to the decline of retailing, tho that is NOT the main employment in most suburban centres.
    (iii) When I spoke to John Lett about this, asking whether they intended toachieve this squeezing by revising the density matrix upwards he said no: they will just rely on even more “flexibility”. I can’t think of a worse way to do it: inflating land-owners’ and developers’ expectations…

    We may get some of this discussion going on the Just Space site http://justspace.org.uk and will certainly link back to here.

    Keep up the good work. Michael

    18th January 2014

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