1. NeilJA said:

    That must be incredibly satisfying, Tom. I particularly like your “walkable city” example.

    5th October 2012
    • Tom Chance said:

      It is, and thanks. That company produces all sorts of interesting maps, it shows what you can do when you have your hands on all the data and you’re not forced to just draw lines over a Google map.

      5th October 2012
      • NeilJA said:

        I would make some comments about data freedom, but as this comment will be almost instantly crawled by google and I’m somewhat over-reliant upon their “goodwill”. Let’s just stick to actually having all the data = double plus good in just about every case.

        5th October 2012
  2. Robert said:

    I’m giving this more thumbs up than I have thumbs.

    5th October 2012

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