1. smsm1986 said:

    The other thing that I hate about Peckham Rye east, past Scylla Road is that you now have to do a double 90 degree bend and swerve into the traffic to be able to get on to the pavement and use the bypass, which makes it more dangerous than before.

    5th April 2012
  2. Southwark Council’s Head of Planning & Transport developed the policy of opposing cycle-lanes except in exceptional circumstances.

    In response to a request from the Environment Agency that they use meters of cycle-paths installed as an annual metric for the new Transport Plan, they refused stating that they would remove even existing cycle lanes when renovating streets in 20mph zones.

    His department refused to include space for the existing cycle lane along the Southampton Way rat-run in the planning application for the large regeneration of the area.

    They built on land blocking the Camberwell New Road mayor superhighway, blocking it for at least 100 years if not forever!

    All cycling safety applications in Cllr John’s community council CGS fund. were rejected, despite his letter to The Times stating it was a top priority.

    Even Cllr John’s letter to The TImes lied about Southwark’s spending on cycle infrastructure over next 3 years, he claimed £4 million, the actual figure is £0.5 million.

    7th April 2012
  3. […] I also hope that councillors elected in May honour their promises. I do wonder at the Labour councillors signing up in Southwark, a borough I used to live in and cycle through every day. The council has spent four years doing next to nothing for cyclists, while scrapping the London Cycle Network from its Transport Plan and actually removing cycle lanes from busy roads. […]

    16th April 2014

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