Never mind Wonga, use a credit union

Payday loans have been in the news today, with industry figureheads trying to persuade the public that they’re offering the punters a good service. Well, if you’re seriously stuck for cash you need or have loans you’re struggling to service, a much better place to start would be a credit union.

London Mutual Credit Union, for example, is a not for profit organisation that provides ethical financial services to Southwark and Lambeth boroughs. These services include savings accounts, current accounts and loans to people who find themselves financially excluded from high street banks. They have no shareholders, and all their profits are returned to members.

Unlike Wonga & co they are genuinely providing useful services without looking to make a very sizeable profit off the backs of the idiots and the vulnerable.

Anyone struggling financially would also be best off seeking help from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and checking out the many handy tips on web sites like Money Saving Expert (a personal favourite).

Thankfully we won’t have Wonga sponsoring our public transport network this New Year’s eve. Apparently Boris has gone for a booze company instead, who promise to promote responsible drinking. Cheers!

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    9th December 2011

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