1. I went to see Truth and Reconciliation too – and I thought it was absolutely stunning. Not just technically brilliant ensemble acting, but the tensions within families about speaking up or being part of a “Truth and Reconciliation” process, as well as the tensions between victims, victims’ relatives and perpetrators, and the tensions within perpetrators themselves.
    This really rang true with what I observed amongst the older members of my family, and others’ families, who lived through parts of WW2 – from many sides of that conflict.

    By providing a few plot twists, the play also enabled us to experience different perspectives on the same story. And refused to provide easy answers. Thought-provoking and moving.

    Many thanks to everyone who enabled it to come to Theatre Peckham.

    12th October 2011
  2. […] months after the Royal Court brought two quite brilliant new plays to the Bussey Building in Peckham, V-Day London put on an equally exemplary performance of the […]

    29th April 2012

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