Who represents community activists?

I’ve got a short opinion piece up on the People’s Republic of Southwark web site, arguing that councillors should involve and work with community activists, rather than imagining that they can effectively represent their “community”. Have a read and leave a comment with your thoughts!

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  1. David said:

    But what happens when the community is against a windfarm? Triggers a parish poll (you don’t have them in the smoke, but in ‘parished’ areas ten electors can cause a referendum) and get a vote against the windfarm.

    18th November 2009
    • Tom Chance said:

      Well first of all you should take the debate to those people who oppose the wind farm. As friends who work in the industry have told me, more often than not objections are based on hearsay and can be overturned if someone they have reason to trust goes through all those objections.

      If you’re only a councillor and they still oppose it, I think it’s fine to just say that you won’t support them in that campaign, but here are the routes they can take to make their voices heard. I’d never take up case work for a local person looking to ease parking controls or remove speed limits, for example.

      18th November 2009

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