1. Caroline Scott said:

    I once digitised (traced with fine cross-hairs on a giant electronic drawing board-type thing) Norway in my work. I felt as though I was Slartibartfast and loved every second of it!

    10th October 2009
  2. Hi

    I’m partly to blame for the OS7 tracing around Bladnoch. I live in Denmark but know the distillery owner Raymond Armstrong and have visited the Galloway area often. Since discovering OS7 I have spent some time tracing roads, rivers and adding peaks since oct 2009. But I have no possibility for checking road names or out of date information so if you know of a OpenStreetmap community around this area please let me know about it.


    21st January 2010
    • Tom Chance said:

      I was just a tourist on holiday, I’m afraid, so you probably know the area better than me! It was a nice distillery though, a very easy drink.

      Something I keep meaning to do is go back and finish off that stretch of coastline, I left a great bit pointy bit sticking into the sea where I was trying to pull it back into the actual coastline rather than the edge of the marshy bit.

      21st January 2010

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