Addressing Peckham

map tileIn preparation for the Peckham Mapping Party this Wednesday evening (3rd June) I tried out the house numbering system in OpenStreetMap known as the Karlsruhe Schema around the south east corner of The Lane area of Peckham. Well, mapping and leafletting again with the all-important Euro elections on Thursday.

With all the buildings, points of interest and house numbers it’s getting pretty crowded!

It will be good if this is picked up by the search function on the OpenStreetMap homepage, so one could search for “15 East Dulwich Road” and get at least the right end of that rather long road.

All that time in the sun left me completely wiped out, though. I’ll be glad when the elections are over so I can spend a few consecutive weekends and evenings with no leafletting on the horizon. Just the Exec meeting in June, and lots of local events to do with Transition Towns Peckham & the slightly locally-bungled Sustainable Communities Act round in Southwark.

But hey, it’s sunny and my tomatoes & rocket & lettuce are shooting up!