About me

I’m the Green Party’s Housing Spokesperson, and a candidate for the London Assembly elections in 2016.

I bring my energy and experience to be a powerful advocate for change – for genuinely affordable housing, for more equal pay, for streets for people instead of cars, for less polluted air, and for serious action on climate change.

I’m a campaigner. I’ve led successful campaigns since I got my students’ union to go Fairtrade in 2003. Since then – to give a few examples – I’ve defended small software companies against a flawed patent law in the European Parliament in 2005, made Southwark Council adopt the living wage in 2008, helped Community Land Trusts start to build affordable housing in 2012, and most recently I’ve joined the efforts to stop the Mayor of London and developers from building on Crystal Palace Park and destroying its sporting facilities.campaigning

I’m involved in politics because I want to get things done, not because I enjoy bickering with other politicians. As the head of office for the Green Party at the London Assembly I’ve been able to work with the other three main parties to build consensus where needed. I’ve been able to support community and campaign groups with their causes, showing them that Greens are their natural ally through actions not just words.