Tom Chance for London

About me

I’m an experienced spokesperson with policy expertise, a community activist rooted in local campaigns, with a proven track record in election campaigns and an ability to work cross-party to promote our agenda. I believe those are the most important qualities the Green Party needs in its Mayoral candidate, and in its elected London Assembly Members.

I want to bring my energy and experience to be a powerful advocate for change – for genuinely affordable housing, for more equal pay, for streets for people instead of cars, for less polluted air, and for serious action on climate change.

jennyjonesHaving worked with Tom for several years, I’ve seen his excellent relationships with campaign and community groups, his strong grasp of London’s housing and environmental crises and his ability to build cross-party coalitions. He would be an extremely effective Assembly Member and a forceful advocate for the Green agenda. I urge you to put Tom as your number one choice on the ballot paper.
Jenny Jones, Green member of the House of Lords and the London Assembly

I’m a campaigner. I’ve led successful campaigns since I got my students’ union to go Fairtrade in 2003. Since then – to give a few examples – I’ve defended small software companies against a flawed patent law in the European Parliament in 2005, made Southwark Council adopt the living wage in 2008, helped Community Land Trusts start to build affordable housing in 2012, and most recently I’ve joined the efforts to stop the Mayor of London and developers from building on Crystal Palace Park and destroying its sporting facilities.

shashaTom’s campaign work in Crystal Palace overlaps the Croydon North constituency, a parliamentary seat I have stood as Green party candidate on four occasions. The area has a strong sense of community, where if you do good work – people know about it. When introducing myself, I have lost count the amount of times when canvassing, running a stall or just attending meetings when a Crystal Palace resident area mentions that Green guy, or Tom by name.
Shasha Khan, Croydon Green Party

I’m involved in politics because I want to get things done, not because I enjoy bickering with other politicians. As the head of office for the Green Party at the London Assembly I’ve been able to work with the other three main parties to build consensus where needed. I’ve been able to support community and campaign groups with their causes, showing them that Greens are their natural ally through actions not just words.

davesmithTom’s work at City Hall was absolutely integral in making London’s first Community Land Trust happen. He is a dedicated, hard working and insightful advocate for affordable housing across the capital and would be a powerful voice for change inside the London Assembly.
Dave Smith, former Chief Exec of East London CLT

Other endorsements and support

darrenjohnsonWorking at City Hall for the past six years, Tom has a real grasp of the issues facing London: from the housing crisis to air pollution, from cycle deaths to poverty pay. He’s also got an impressive track record in local campaigning which would prove invaluable as a Green Assembly Member. I urge you to select Tom for a winnable place on the Londonwide Assembly list.
Darren Johnson, Green Assembly Member May 2000-present

clare_phippsWorking with Tom as a London officer and in his capacity as our national Housing Spokesperson, I have been impressed by his drive and his ability to spot media opportunities for the party. Tom’s desire to work strategically, listening to and working with members across the region, is something I think will make him an asset on the Assembly. Tom is a great advocate for the party, and I was genuinely honoured to be able to vote for a Tom as my local candidate in the 2015 General Election. By placing Tom as one of my top choices for the Greens’ Assembly list I hope to be able to vote for him again this coming May – and this time to see him elected. I hope you will do the same.
Clare Phipps, London Green Party Publications Officer and national External Communications Coordinator (job share)